A hoppy, slightly hazy IPA brewed with El Dorado and Centennial hops 100% sourced from Graham Gamache’s hop farm, Cornerstone Ranches as part of the Farm to Pint series.

This stuff is like straight candied oranges, with a sweet perfume that’s dank at the same time. The El Dos we got from Graham are just insane. Light haze, smooth feel, with barely a sting of bitterness. Farm fresh!

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
Toppen-ish is part of the Farm to Pint program, a small batch series brewed in direct collaboration with Hop Farmers across the globe. All hops come from farms, right? So what makes Sixpoint, and Farm to Pint, different? The key differences here are that we got the hops directly from the farm, and each beer highlights a single farm. Therefore, there is an emphasis on both the relationship and the terroir. Generally speaking, breweries buy their hops from brokers/wholesalers, who have blended the harvests from multiple farms. For the majority of our hops, we go directly to the farms themselves instead. This affords some awesome advantages.
This beer is part of our monthly can release series available exclusively through our app - sixpoint.com/app - you buy the beer with a couple taps, then come down to pick up that Saturday. We pour a ton of free samples of experimental releases and you can hang with our brew staff, formulation team, and the rest of the crew.