It’s a Brewmaster’s liquid dream. Barrels as far as the eye can see, filled with nuanced, silky, complex Imperial Stout. Let the tastings begin. We selected only the finest barrels of beer aged for years in bourbon charred oak to create Master Blend. After epic, hours-long tasting sessions, you can only start to wonder…am I wrangling these staves, or are these staves wrangling me?

The Story
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Master Blend is a blend of 80% stout aged in first fill bourbon barrels for nearly two years—this beer provides incredible depth, a super smooth mouthfeel, tons of complexity, and rich notes of dark fruit, caramel, and wood. The remainder of the liquid is a fresh, young, sweeter batch that provides a round feel, fresh roast, and notes of sweet chocolate fudge. Together they form the epic MASTER BLEND.
A carefully aged and calibrated Imperial Stout that’s nuanced, delicate, and complex. Expect gentle roast integrated with notes of coconut and vanilla in a medium bodied, silky beer. Available November - December 2019.