A kettle-soured Berliner Weisse fermented with loads of raspberries.

Puckering but still refreshing. Served with custom ‘Raspy Sauce’, a Raspberry-Jalapeno syrup created in partnership with The Jam Stand. Spicy, sour, and sweet. Hell yeah!

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
To dial in Lil' Raspy’s pH, we used a technique called Kettle Souring. Lactobacillus, the same organism that makes yogurt tart, is pitched in the kettle. After 16-24 hours, when enough lactic acid has been created, we boil the liquid to create a sanitary environment for our house yeast. After traditional fermentation, we add loads of fresh raspberry puree, prompting a secondary fermentation that eats up the fruit sugar, leaving behind a clean yet profoundly fruity beer
This beer is part of our monthly can release series available exclusively through our app - sixpoint.com/app - you buy the beer with a couple taps, then come down to pick up that Saturday. We pour a ton of free samples of experimental releases and you can hang with our brew staff, formulation team, and the rest of the crew.