An extremely powerful move. An incredibly potent shock. An immense blast of tropical wavelengths. INSANE amounts of guava and passionfruit flavors BLAST the tastebuds. You’ve been targeted by a powerful beam…can you feel the passion…in the air right now? We sure do. Take a big gulp. It’s very effective!

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
For all you die-hard Sixpoint fans out there, this 2021 release is a different take on our original release of Hyper Beam as a sour in 2019. This time we dropped the sour, but kept the HUGE aroma and fruit flavor of passionfruit and guava.
Idaho-7 and Azacca hops are a foundation of this beer, but the real stars of this show are the immensely tropical flavors of guava and passionfruit. Mix in a soft and silky grain bill of oat and wheat and just a touch of lactose, and Hyper Beam will make you bend the elements of time and space. Suddenly you’re sipping seaside on a sunny beach.