Let’s break this down to 0s and 1s. You hold in your hand the connection between hop bines in Yakima, Washington, and bines down in Tasmania, Australia. Binary is rockin’ the Yakima Citra and the Galaxy from down under. It’s a BINE-ary dual-hopped Double IPA with the best of both hemispheres—strains so good they’re practically cheat codes. This can is the conduit. Drink up.

Part of a rotating IPA series featuring world-class hop strains.

The Story
Lab Notes
This beer features Citra and Galaxy hops for an incredible aroma. Citra is super complex, with notes ranging from dank citrus to gooseberry and more. Galaxy is perhaps the most expressive strain available, providing a huge blast of pure stone fruit and tropical aroma.
Binary is a hybrid between the old school, west coast IPA, and the hazy New England Style. It’s got a huge tropical and citrus hop aroma and a smooth, medium bitterness.