The Mad Scientists tested dozens of juices and calibrated untold amounts of berry blends to get this one right. But you don’t need to get bogged down in all that…just drink up until the ripe, red juice dribbles down your chin. It tastes like a mouth full of tangy berries—a JAMMER punch!

pH 3.5 | 125 Cal

The Story
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Drinking Now
The Jammers are all designed to be distinctly bright and tangy, but on the tart/refreshing side, and not overly sour. It’s the fruited sour beer you don’t mind slugging by the pint.
Cranberries help to tie the beer together, and add structure, with their bright, refreshing character. Raspberries are sweet and tart, blending perfectly with sour beer, and strawberries add a kiss of fruity sweetness as part of the cocktail of berry flavors. Available September - December 2019.