With Madagascar vanilla beans, 4BEANS takes Sixpoint Imperial Porter to the next level.

Romano beans used by bygone brewers provide body, as the flavors of dark malt, cocoa and coffee are rounded out by smooth vanilla. The result is a quadrality of roasted, savory, and complex flavors. Modern formulation meets Baltic tradition and BKLYN partnership… it’s Mad Science.

The Story
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Baltic lore spoke of a land where dark, rich and satisfying beer, brewed of beans and barley, fell in showers. Prepared in cauldrons and consumed from horns, this was truly the drink of the gods. Centuries later, an all-sating dark ale was resurrected at Sixpoint: 3BEANS was created from the BKLYN trifecta of Sixpoint, Stumptown cold-brew and Mast Brothers cacao husks... ...no formulation is ever finished — the quest for improvement is ingrained n Mad Scientist DNA. Madagascar vanilla, the legendary 4th bean, rounds out and enriches the bold flavors of barley, cacao husks and cold-brew coffee.
Brewed with romano beans, coffee beans, cocoa husks, and vanilla beans.

Last Brewed July 2015.