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Beer is Culture 2013 is Wrapping Up Soon!

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April 28, 2013

As April comes to a close there are big things in Sixpoint’s future (did someone say cans of Apollo were coming soon?), but it also means the end of submissions for Beer is Culture 2013. The art this year has been awesome – from inventive skylines to laughing bears, live action skydiving to inspired, global works. Although there are only a couple days left for submission, the competition is far from complete. If you’ve been thinking of submitting, now is the time. Voting also goes for another week, until May 7th, so let your voice be heard by ‘liking’ the pictures on the Sixpoint Facebook page.

Beer is Culture 2013

Contest information, including prizes, rules, and how to submit can be found here. Send in your artwork and vote for your favorites before it’s too late! And if you’re not an artiste, send an art-tweet for a chance to win Sixpoint gear.


Beer is culture – bold, perhaps. Provocative, undoubtedly. Let us know what it means to you.