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Beer is Culture 2013 Fan Favorite Chosen!

Published On
May 8, 2013

With tons of great entries and a number of designs jockeying for position until the very end, this year’s Beer is Culture exhibition was as exciting and innovative as ever.

#BiC2013 Kelsea Zeglin

Voting closed last night at Midnight, and the Beer is Culture Fan Favorite is Kelsea Zeglin! Her slick coaster design, with subtle color schemes and controlled chaos will be Sixpoint’s profile picture for the next year, and distributed on coasters across the network.

Tim ProbertJesse Brookstein

Our next two “most liked” entries were Tim Probert’s zany depiction of cultured beasts enjoying a couple Sixpoints and Jesse Brookstein’s brew infused Brooklyn skyline.

Check out all of the submissions here! You can still ‘Like‘ them, it just won’t count as a vote!

And shout out to @BourbonExplorer for winning our art-tweet contest and receiving some Sixpoint swag. Cheers to another great year!