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Beer For Chicks? Help Just Food’s Campaign for More Feathered Friends

Published On
June 21, 2011


We’re fans of all the great work done at Just Food, a nonprofit that promotes fair and healthy food systems throughout New York City. But one project they’re currently leading really speaks to us — or squawks to us? — the City Chicken Project, which is in its last week of fundraising efforts.

In a nutshell, Just Food’s campaign will raise money to launch chicken coops at three very deserving institutions or community groups in the city. The egg-laying hens will provide food for those groups’ members, as well as educational opportunities for its youth. We know as proud keepers of three egg-laying hens on our roof about the positive impact that their presence makes — and how handy it is having fresh eggs every day. Raising chickens in the city might seem unlikely, but they’re pretty chill, low-maintenance pets, and we love all our beasts, with fur or fluffy feathers and beaks. We hope you’ll check out Just Food’s Kickstarter page about the project. And as a small gift, we’re offering a private tour and meet and greet with our hens to anyone who pledges $100, over beers, of course. June 27’s the last day to pledge, so there’s not much time to brood over it — take a peck!

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