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Beer For Beasts 2014

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August 15, 2014

*** Now With Updated Beer List! Read More. ***

Beer is culture… it brings people together and enlivens conversation, serving as a gathering point for ideas and interaction. But we also believe it can be the engine to drive social change. That’s what Beer For Beasts is all about.

We love animals at Sixpoint. Shane’s dogs were shelter rescues, and have been at his side for most of the brewery’s existence. Cats have lived near the grounds as long as we can remember, and we even rescued one from the roof gutter a while back.  Four years ago, with the help of the Bros at BeerAdvocate, the idea came together — host a beer fest in the name of our furry companions. A festival centered around the things we love, in the name of those who love us unconditionally. But not just any fest… one with unique custom beers brewed only for the event. And the best food vendors the city has to offer, and live local music, with all the net proceeds going to charity. The Humane Society of New York completes the vision. They’re completely dedicated to helping animals in need, and provide care to nearly 40,000 cats and dogs each year.

B4B_BELLHOUSE_WIDE_1000 This year the tap list is shaping up to be incredible, with a ton of creative beers, wild new flavor combinations and house favorites. The Mad Scientists have been in the lab for months, creating bubbling concoctions of all sorts. You can hardly walk around the brewery without seeing a small-batch beer fermenting in some corner. We’re re-creating Sriracha in one spicy brew, making a beer based on Elvis’ classic sandwich, and we’ve crafted a pilsner with painstaking traditional methods. There’s a rosemary Berliner Weiss, a mythical Greek tribute, and a Chocolate Caramel Porter. And that’s just the beginning. In all we’ll have over 30 custom brews, and each one comes with its own unique story.


Todd and Jason Alström of Beer Advocate brewing with Sixpoint’s Shane Welch

Amazing food is included with admission, served from six trucks parked right outside the event. We’ve got Calexico, a border style taco truck that’s taken NYC by storm and Pizza Moto, a hand-made mobile wood fired pizza oven that’s been serving up bubbly neapolitan style pizza since ‘08. DUB Pies is a down-under style savory pastry truck, and Morris serves up some of the tastiest grilled cheeses around. We’ve also got Rick’s Picks artisanal pickles and ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, including ones made with our beer. All these guys kick ass. biz-living-socialThe Diabolical Biz Markie will provide the music entertainment by DJ’ing and performing as a special guest at both sessions of this year’s event. Between the beers, food and live entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than Beer for Beasts.

Tickets on sale now.

“When you combine raw creativity with good intentions, the positive outcome is boundless.”

-Sixpoint Founder Shane Welch


There are over 30 custom brews for this event, but here’s a little sneak peak at some of the offerings:

Home Stock Syndrome
Smörgås inspired rye Pilsner with smoked malt and fresh dill

Pour Chocolate and Caramel All Over My Body
Rich porter with baker’s chocolate and gobs of molasses

Looter Laiger
Traditional brew with German hops, German malts, decoction mashing, and a long lagering time

Sriracha Ace
Red jalapeños and roasted garlic added to a Red Ale base, to recreate the famous Rooster sauce

Your Place or Mine?
Coffee-infused Hefeweizen made with 508 NYC’s Chris Cuzme

Groundskeeper W-ale-y
Peat smoked Wee Heavy named for the fiery Scotsman from the Simpsons

A twist on a malty ancient German recipe that uses experimental Mandarina Bavaria hops

Elderflower Prosecco Hefeweizen
Brewed and fermented with dried elderflowers, and hopped with Nelson Sauvin

Clyde’s Banana Nitro Milk Stout
Banana milk stout served on a nitro-tap

Hob Snob
Oats, wheat, lactose sugar, and chocolate powder: a liquid version of the English HobNob cookie

Moto Kvass
Old World Kvass made with toasted dough and baker’s yeast from Pizza Moto

Cherry Vanilla Kolsch
The Cologne classic with a cherry-vanilla kick


The King’s Layer
White wheat, Hefeweizen yeast, dehydrated peanut butter, and smoked malt: the beer incarnation of Elvis’ favorite sandwich

NZ in my mouth
Continuously hopped with New Zealand hops

Dr. Doofenshtout

Chocolatepeanut butter malted Milk Stout inspired by the mad scientist from Phineas and Ferb

A beastly Porter brewed with 12 gallons of maple syrup in honor of our furry companions

Push it Real Good
A spicy, savory, salt and pepper Gose

Perseph Honey
A pomegranate honey Blonde worthy of myth


Texas Heat
Fiery Texas stout with serrano chillies

Ray Deter’s Dunkel
Tribute to Ray Deter, traditional dunkelweizen

Clyde’s Banana Nitro Milk Stout
Banana flavored milk stout

Marty McRye
Cereal medley pale ale, classic style with futuristic hops

Raining Beets
Blood red beet pale ale with Warrior hops

DUB Imperial All Black(s) IPA
Black IPA inspired by the New Zealand rugby squad


Bowl of Oranges
Sessionable, musically inspired cream ale with a serious citrus punch.

Rosemary’s BBW (Baby Berliner Weiss)
Inspired by the classic 60s horror film, this Berliner Weiss has a touch of lemon zest and fresh rosemary.

FatDad Wheat
Oranges, rapsberries and jalapenos make this a sweet, spicy and tasty brew.

Boo’s Brew
Named for a cat adopted from a no-kill shelter, this refreshing wheat beer has lavender and blueberries.

Totes McGoats
A stout with oven-toasted oats that’s roasty, smooth and delicious.

A Saison By Any Other Name…
This saison is a collaboration with Grimm Ales and has rosebuds and fresh, diced ginger.

There are still limited tickets available for Beer for Beasts! Proliferate beauty and kindness! Send us pics of your beast and reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram.  Peace!