Sixpoint App
With the Sixpoint Mobile App you can locate Sixpoint beer at bars, restaurants and stores closest to you, or search by neighborhood, city or zip code.

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Awesome Features
The Sixpoint Beer Finder App is available for download
on the App Store & Google Play.
Improved search gives you more accurate results
More Beer
See detailed tap lists and styles available at bars, restaurants and stores
More Specific
Search by specific beer, from the Year Round beers, Limited Releases, and Small Batch
1-Touch Calling
One-touch calls to bars, restaurants and stores for the most up-to-date information
Beer Locations
Find distance to nearest establishments based on your location preferences
Beer Info
Learn more about the company and explore flavor profiles of featured beers
Desktop Version (Beta)
Don't have a "smart" phone?
Don't worry! You can use our web-based beer finder found here. Find Sixpoint!