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Beer Cocktails: JAMMER Edition

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July 28, 2015

Brewing beer is about creating a balance of flavors that work together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Take Sweet Action for example. It pits solid, rich barley squarely against tasty American hops… they duke it out till they both lie panting, and your brain is confused but your mouth loves it. That’s SWEET ACTION.


Frozen lemonade, whisky and JAMMER at Union Pool

Mixologists have the same goal. So we’re excited to see more and more beers getting used as a key ingredient in cocktails. Though some might call it blasphemy, we embrace the Mad Science of flavor creation. Not to mention, the history of blending and mixing beers goes back through all the great beer traditions. Whether it was Publicans mixing ales right before serving in England, or Belgian cellarmen blending aged sour beers, or barkeeps mixing soda and beer to create one of the most popular drinks in Germany.

One of our very favorites for mixing is Jammer, since it delicately combines many elements of flavor. The light toastiness of malted barley, gentle aromatics from cracked coriander, the savory salinity of hand-harvested sea salt and the tartness of lactic fermentation.


The Jammer Julip at our Kentucky Derby bash

These various components come together for a complex Jam sesh, but there are other harmonies out there. So we teamed up with The Bearded Alchemist (Jacob Tschetter) to create some Jammer Cocktails. Jammer’s healthy carbonation, smooth salinity and tart finish contribute to the look, feel and taste of these concoctions.

Using Jacob’s recipes, our in-house team created this infographic chart: it’s an all-in-one recipe guide for making Jammer Cocktails.


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Trust your Gose!

2oz Mezcal
.5oz Bittermen’s Tepache (A traditional Mexican spiced pineapple spirit that Bittermens has made shelf stable)
1oz Lemon
1oz Honey
2 dash Hella Smoked Chili Bitters

Pour into 10oz glass over ice, top with JAMMER

The Clockwork Reconditioning

2oz High West Double Rye
.75oz Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple
.75oz Lemon
.5oz New Holland’s Clockwork Orange (Spiced orange liqueur whose bright flavors contribute to cocktails with deliciously restrained sweetness.)
Expression of orange into the shaker
1 Egg white
Vigorous dry shake (to shake without ice) for 10 seconds.  Add ice and shake again (the wet shake).

Strain into a 10oz Highball without ice and top with JAMMER.


2oz Parce Aged 8yr rum
1oz lime
.75oz Simple Syrup (preferably Demerara Sugar)
.25oz Luxardo

Shake/strain into tumbler filled halfway with ice. Top with JAMMER.

The Icelandic Honey Badger

2oz Reyka Strawberry-jalapeno Infused Vodka
.75oz Lemon
.75oz Hibiscus syrup
.5oz Bittermen’s Citron Sauvage (a slightly smokey grapefruit aperitif)
1 Egg white

Vigorous dry shake (to shake with out ice) for 10 seconds.  Add ice and shake again (the wet shake).

Strain into a 10oz Highball without ice and top with JAMMER.  




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