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Bang Bang Dudley: Barrel-Aged Irish Red

Published On
October 22, 2015

Bang Bang Dudley is an Imperial Red Ale aged for months in Irish Whiskey barrels from Teeling Distillery based in Dublin. These barrels have been around the world, housing bourbon and rum before making their way to Teeling. This huge take on the Irish Red style drinks almost like a smooth “Irish-style” barleywine, with rich, full, and complex malt character complemented by the unique flavors of the barrel.


Heather McReynolds, Sixpoint’s Red Hook-based Brewing Manager, approached the project with an eye towards tradition but also with the signature “Mad Scientist” approach Sixpoint is known for. The beer she created is a robust Irish-style Red — with the unique character of barrels from the only operating distillery in Dublin, and Irish stylistic origins, you can think of this beer as an Irish-style Barleywine created in the heart of BKLYN. “We had explored Irish brewing traditions for years with our “Tenement” draft beer, and we were excited to find out what such interesting barrels would do for an amplified Irish Red. Working directly with Teeling to dial in this beer was a perfect opportunity, and we all agree… the result is Bangin’.”


We dubbed the collaborative brew Bang Bang Dudley for for one of old Dublin’s classic characters, Tommy “Bang Bang” Dudley. He was a true child at heart, and in the 1950s and 60s Tommy could be found leaning out of streetcars, firing a finger pistol, armed with an old church key, and yelling “Bang! Bang!” Dubliners were known to fire back, or pretend to fall down dead. Dudley may have been a touch more Mad than Scientist, but his spirit is inspiring nonetheless.


Available as a limited draft release throughout the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, this beer might be found lurking behind any corner, so be ready to duel – BANG BANG!

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