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B4B3 Spotlight: NYHS Willis’ Brew

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April 3, 2013

A spiced paw slashes through this brew, born of rye and hop. Part Righteous ale and part Bengali Tiger, earth and claw combine for a grapefruit bouquet and soft rounded mouthfeel.


Beer for Beasts is about celebrating innovation and beer, but it is all in the name of the great work the Humane Society of New York does every day. Since the festival was already a collaborative effort, this year, representatives from the HSNY came down to Red Hook to brew their first ever beer, with a bit of Mad Scientists’ help. HSNY President Virginia Chipurnoi and Executive Director Sandra Defeo toured the brewery and each tried their hand at the mash tun. They named their brew in honor of their crooning mascot, Willis.

And more brewing!

With a Righteous grain bill, triple the hops of the Bengali Tiger, as well as some fearsome dry-hopping, this Humane Society brew is a beastly concoction. Just don’t call it a mutt!