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B4B3 Spotlight: Leonidas

Published On
March 27, 2013

Brewmaster Jan Matysiak brings you Leonidas, the most valiant brew at Beer for Beasts.

Jan w/ Hops in Hand He started with the Warrior hops strain, capable of delivering immense bitterness, enough to repel any incursion. Named for the legendary king who defended Sparta from thousands of invaders with only 300 men, Leonidas is hopped to an incredible 300 IBUs. The bitter onslaught of this SPA (Spartan Pale Ale) is not only brew-tal, but also immaculately refined.

Warrior HopsThese elite Spartan soldiers were fierce, yes, but they were defined by discipline. Seamless and steadfast, their wall of shields was nearly impenetrable, as the thousands of invaders they slew soon realized. The Warrior hops strain is a perfect match. Its super clean, high alpha potential allows for tons of ferocity, and monumental bitterness, without any raw, unpalatable flavors. It’s ideal for this alpha-dog brew. Leonidas, spearheaded by 300 charging IBUs, is an ale worthy of Spartan tradition.

Jan w/ SpatenWe cannot guarantee that a stone goblet will be erected to commemorate this brew, nor funeral games staged in its honor—only that it will be the stuff of lore and song for years to come.