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B4B Spotlight: The King’s Layer

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September 8, 2014

Over its four year existence, we’ve now created 100+ exclusive, custom brews for Beer for Beasts. The festival is right around the corner (Saturday, September 13th), so we’re highlighting some standout brews. This one is The King’s Layer, the beer incarnation of Elvis’ iconic sandwich.


Elvis was a man of appetites, and his cravings for rich foods were renowned. As the story goes, he once chartered his jet from his ranch in Memphis to Denver for sandwiches. Not just any sandwiches… these were made from a hollowed out loaf of french bread, one pound of bacon, one jar of creamy peanut butter and one jar of grape jelly. The King and his friends landed in Denver and were met by the restaurateurs who invented the sandwich, bought and devoured 22 of them and washed them down with champagne… without ever stepping off the plane. Then they flew right back to Memphis.

Mad Science draws on inspiration, dares to experiment, and pushes the boundaries of flavor. Our beer, “The King’s Layer” is modeled on the sandwich the King made famous. The legendary layer was made from peanut butter, crushed banana and bacon… a creation of Mad Science indeed. He ordered it cut in triangles and stacked, to be eaten with reckless abandon. This hefeweizen, crafted by Brewer Shaun Carney, uses authentic German yeast for notes of banana, smoked malt for the smoky, savory bacon, and a peanut butter addition, sandwiched between a base of white wheat malt. It’s brewed to be crushed with abandon, and satisfies as well as the sandwich. The King’s Layer, piled high, and only at Beer for Beasts.


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