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B4B Spotlight: Raining Beets

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September 10, 2014

Adam Zuniga (@beerandthecity) is Sixpoint’s reigning metal head, and when he talked with the guys at Barrier Brewing about doing a beer, that’s where the conversation turned.


From Left: Sixpoint’s Adam Zuniga with Barrier’s Sean Redmond and Mike Descarfino

As a tribute to the Metal fan in all of us we brewed up a diabolical concoction, consecrated by Slayer blasting at face-melting volumes.


Beet Action

We hacked up dozens of beets, pureed them, and poured them into the boil. The extra pale ale turned blood red, and we single hopped it with the aptly named Warrior strain.


Milling the malts was totally hardcore as well

The beer, for all of its grisly appearance, is a drinkable, earthy, bright red brew. The beets provide a unique, but not overpowering character. It’s sure to be one brew that you go back to at Beer For Beasts.


Cooked, Pureed Beets & Juice meeting the Mash



Sean jumped on the Brewdeck for a minute too : “It’s like riding a bike”

Raining Beets is just one of over 30 custom beers at this year’s Beer for Beasts, and some tickets are still available! Get yours here.