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B4B Spotlight: Hob Snob

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September 9, 2014

In the Sixpoint offices, cookies come and go. But we always return to one mainstay… Hobnobs, the oaty biscuit with milk chocolate on one side. In particular, Tech Guru Chris Sterbank is known for his ability to, under the right circumstances, take down half a sleeve in an afternoon.


Brewer Keir is pumped

In a moment of creative inspiration, his mouth full of cookie and with crumbs tumbling down his lustrous beard, Chris yelled out: “I’ve got it! Hobnob beer!”

Specialty Malts + more for this one

Specialty Malts + more for this one


Of course we had to add one to the mash

The recipe starts with hearty brown malts, tons of oats and some wheat, to emulate the cookie base. Cocoa powder and milk sugar represent the smooth milk chocolate coating. It’s a bit like a brown oat stout, that lands, just barely, on the sweeter side. With ale yeast from across the pond and a rich, malt-forward profile, this brown ale is fit for a true snob of the suds.

Sometimes Dreams do come True

Sometimes Dreams do come True:  Chris and his beer

Taste HobSnob at Beer For Beasts 2014.