The only way to get exclusive beer from the brewery
With the Sixpoint App you can buy Small Batch cans with the touch of a button and locate Sixpoint beers nationwide.

Awesome Features
The Sixpoint App is available for download
on the App Store & Google Play.
Improved search gives you more accurate results
User Profiles
Make your own Sixpoint account to receive updates and notifications about releases
More Specific
Search by specific beer, from the Year Round beers, Limited Releases, and Small Batch
Small Batch
Make an account, buy the beer and come hang at the brewery when you pick it up
Beer Locations
Find the nearest establishments based on your location preferences
Beer Info
Learn more about the company and explore flavor profiles of featured beers
Having issues ordering with the app?
  • -Make sure you have the latest version of your phone's OS and the Sixpoint app.
  • -Try closing the app completely and open it again.
  • -Try logging out of your Sixpoint account and logging back in.
  • -Still having issues? Shoot us an email and we'll get you set up!