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Apollo Returns on Draft

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May 5, 2014

The translucent cascade of the sun-god once again sparkles in your glass. Apollo is touching down on draft across the Sixpoint market.

Weizens are essential as the months grow warmer. Between the striking appearance, distinctive flavors and sheer refreshment… a crystalline wheat beer in hand completes the beer garden experience. It’s the final complement to a perfect afternoon.

apollo-pour-2014 (1)

Sixpoint Brewer Fabian Beller, who hails from Germany and was trained at the acclaimed Weihenstephaner institute, talks about his experience of wheat beer: “I really like drinking Hefeweizen or Kristallweizen on hot summer days because it’s refreshing and for me it stands for typical German or Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit.”


“Gemütlichkeit” doesn’t have a direct English translation, but it roughly means a relaxed environment with good food and drink. Fabian describes it as, “sitting in a beer garden with good friends or coworkers after a long working day and having the one or another cool, fresh Weizen.” That’s a big part of the inspiration for Apollo… long afternoons in the fading sun, tall, foam-capped glasses of delicious, refreshing beer, and great company to share it with. And even in a dark bar, on a rainy day, the beer brings you there.


Half-liters of Apollo laid out on long wooden tables surrounded by friends is a carefree experience, but brewing the beer is a precise endeavor, as Fabian attests:

apollo-blog-draft-image-6 (1)“To achieve our desired flavor profile, we brew Apollo under very particular conditions. It’s all about the procedures applied in the brewhouse and during fermentation. That’s how great Bavarian wheat beers are being made. Contrasted with an IPA for example, where the fermentation process is more straightforward, and the beer’s flavor has more to do with the ingredients used and when they are added.”

Shaun Carney, also part of the brew team, tasted the mighty Apollo straight off the line: “Apollo’s flavor profile is clove, vanilla and banana–in my opinion, any “bubblegum” notes are only a backdrop. The aftertaste is just like that of taking a bite of ripe banana.”

Like nectar and ambrosia poured from on high, Apollo is an all-quenching gift of the sun-god. Find it on draft across the Sixpoint network.

But what about cans, you ask? Stay tuned for the update on a brand new release… the ultimate summer crusher, a canned beauty that will kick-off a new cycle of Sixpoint creativity. It’s going to be totally radical.

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