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Apollo Can Launch

Published On
May 2, 2013

ApolloApollo CanAll spring up from their seats when he draws near, as he bends his bright bow…

After a tantalizing month on draught, the ultimate summer refresher is landing in cans just in time for long, glorious afternoons in the fading sun. Effervescent and refreshing, with flavors sharp as arrows from his curved bow, and sweet as the music of his golden lyre, Apollo “Nanokegs” touch down this week across the Sixpoint market.

This wheat ale was crafted by Brewmaster Jan Matysiak, who trained at what many consider the epicenter of the Hefeweizen style, the Weihenstephaner institute in Germany. The resulting brew is true to its Bavarian roots and more—a sweet bouquet of banana, vanilla and clove is balanced by a clean, dry finish and spritzy carbonation. With a towering head atop a brazen body, Apollo poured high into a weissbier glass is a sight to behold.

Like nectar and ambrosia sent down from on high Apollo is an all-quenching gift of the sun-god… all in a 16 oz can.

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