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Apollo 2013

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April 11, 2013

The translucent cascade of the sun-god once again sparkles in your glass. Apollo ’13, Sixpoint’s Bavarian Kristallweizen, has just launched for summer.

Apollo 2013

The mighty Apollo is the product of traditional ingredients, brewing methods and training. The recipe is classic—barley malt split with a generous amount of wheat, and light use of German Hersbrucker hops. Ripe notes of banana, vanilla, and clove define the flavor profile that is also traditional for the style. Procedure, however, is what separates a good Bavarian wheat beer from a great one. That’s where Sixpoint’s Brewmaster, the Weihenstephan-trained Jan Matysiak comes in. Under his guidance, Apollo’s fermentation takes place in horizontal, pressureless tanks, the closest one can get to traditional open tanks while still offering microbial protection. Jan oversees the meticulous process, precisely crafting this exemplary German ale.

Jan and Sixpoint founder Shane traveled to Bavaria last year in search of the ultimate summer beer. With Apollo, Jan seems to have created it.

The Bavarian-style wheat beer is uniquely refreshing in its delicate balance. Differing from many American styles, which pit sweet malts against bitter hops, in often palate-assaulting combinations, the Bavarian wheat shines light directly on its unique German yeast culture. Light hopping and complimentary malts stand aside, placing traditional weizen flavors in the forefront. With this delicacy comes the need for precision, and those two elements combine to give Apollo its drinkability— high carbonation combined with a rounded, pillowy body, from generous use of wheat in the grain bill, create an inviting mouthfeel. Hints of sweet malt and distinctive banana flavors from the yeast are offset by a slightly dry finish.

Apollo 2013

Spritzy yet smooth, dry yet lush, the radiant Apollo has landed on draft across Sixpoint markets.

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