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Another Tree to Grow in Brooklyn

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May 12, 2011

Corner of Coffey and Creamer.  You take sugar with that?
While we love the graffiti and tarmac of our home base in the best way possible, we’re gearing up for an initiative this fall that will hopefully put more trees into the mix. Our resident photographer, Michael Harlan Turkell, took some time strolling around Red Hook snapping photos of spots that seemed to beg, “Tree me!” in anticipation of the project. Check back with us in August for the official word on the arbor-amour. Meanwhile, here are some recent shots from MHT — where do you want to see more trees?

A Streetcar Named Desire (More Greenery)

Please, plant a tree here.
No Standing trees here, either

Floating tree.
this young tree appears to be barking up the wrong…

at least there’s a painting of one

Sound of crickets...
what’s missing in this picture?