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Alleys to Skyscrapers

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November 24, 2014

Since you’re on our website, you probably know about RESINSweet Action and our canned brews. But did you know we also formulate super small-batch beers, served almost exclusively for our local market? Check out what’s around NYC right now:

Ever Upward

We crafted this malt and part-cider brew for a new venue inside the Empire State Building. We tried out numerous pilots and spices, and played around with various levels of fermented, cold-pressed juice, before we finished on a decidedly hearty, un-spiced recipe. Wheat and Munich malts provide a rich malt character and full body, with a slightly vinous, cidery, twang.


A wise man once said, “HWA-BAM!”

Red Jacket has got the juice. They’re an upstate partner of ours who we’ve gotten involved on a bunch of projects. They cold-press all their juices and keep em cold throughout nearly the whole process. It’s never from concentrate, always unfiltered, and as close to raw juice as you can get on the shelf. If you’ve never had their stuff, it’s crazy good and you can find it around NYC pretty easily. For Ever Upward we used their classic Fuji apple juice, which is robust and has notes of pear. Look for the tasty brew in STATE Bar and Grill now, and other Patina Group restaurants in NYC soon.

Biere de Garde

Henri Matisse and his contemporaries were dismissed by critics as Les Fauves or “Wild Beasts”. What was meant to insult became a rallying cry – that wildness, that unpredictability defined their work. Who better for the Mad Scientists to honor with a one-off brew?


This Wild Beast can’t be contained

We’ve crafted a French Biere de Garde (or “Beer for Keeping”)to pour at The Modern (right next to MoMa) during the Matisse exhibit. It’s effervescent, spicy from noble hop character and yeast-forward, with a unique french yeast — similar to the character of a saison, but different — we used just for this brew. It comes in at nearly 9% ABV, so Matisse’s The Cut-Outs exhibit may seem even wilder after a few glasses.

blog-bohemian-pilz-keir-v2 (1)

Sixpoint Brewer Keir Hamilton sippin’ pilsner and grippin’ pils malt

Homebrew Alley Pilsner

We’ve made it tradition to honor the outstanding brewers of Homebrew Alley by inviting the winners of the Brewer’s Choice award into the brewhouse to make their winning brew in the Sixpoint tanks. Sixpoint is built on homebrews bubbling in a basement and we won’t ever forget those roots. This year’s brew is a Bohemian Pilsner from Peter Kobel, voted as the winner by our Brewing Manager Heather McReynolds (@apunkybrewster). Pete’s a legit lager brewer — he brought along some of his bottled Oktoberfest for the brew, and thoroughly convinced the crew that his award winning Pilsner was no fluke.


Pete, the OG #stachemaster, mucking out spent grain

Sixpoint’s Marcus Lutter brewed the Pilsner along with Pete and his two brothers, Tom and Matt. It’s a super clean, classic brew with pilsner malt and noble hops. The only hiccup came when Matt showed up at the brewhouse the following day in his police car — Keir thought he was getting deported, but it turned out Matt had just forgotten his keys.


Matt Kobel: Musachio’d Pilsner-Viking

The Bohemian Pils will show be showing up on our Mobile App soon. And when any bars post about tapping any of these small-batch brews, we’ll update on @SixpointNYC, which is always your best for exclusive Sixpoint stuff in NYC. For all the rest of our brews, including other draft-only releases, (and much, more more) check out the app.