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A Sweet Saturday at NYC Honey Festival

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September 14, 2011


Sixpoint is proud to be pouring beer this Saturday at the first annual New York City Honey Festival at Rockaway Beach. Grab a pint of our Little Buzz, a rare seasonal brewed in Red Hook with raw clover honey in the style of a pale ale. We’ll also be pouring a few homebrews made with honey at the event. It should be one of the last warm weekends to celebrate outdoors, so make a beeline for the A train!

The Honey Festival is to commemorate the first full season of legal beekeeping in the city. Thanks to a concerted effort between urban gardening advocates, beekeepers and organizations like Just Food, beekeeping was made officially legal just last year. Check out the Honey Festival’s website for more details on the food, demos and talks that will be taking place during the day. Our friends at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Garden are hosting the event, and plan to make it a yearly tradition. So let’s kick it off with a bang — or buzz.

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