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A New Jam for the Mad Scientists Series

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June 8, 2011


We’ve had bread, brownies and ice cream made with our beer by neighborhood food artisans and enjoyed them all greatly (in fact, Orwasher’s hearty Otis Stout bread helped us get through the long winter). So we’re excited to welcome the most recent edible invention with Sixpoint beer — Anarchy in a Jar’s “Spiced Beer Jelly.”

Our friend Laena McCarthy has been jamming with the choicest, ripest, hand-picked fruit since 2008, when she turned her craft into a bonafide business. In addition to staple flavors like Strawberry Balsamic she constantly turns out experimental batches using tasty ingredients that the seasons bring. It just so happened that Mad Scientists #3, the Big Sticke Double Alt, was around when she was concocting a spicy, beer-infused jam.


In her website, Laena writes that the beer jelly is flavored with black cardamom, Indonesian cinnamon, and grains of paradise, with an apple base: “The beer is a light amber color and has a somewhat sweet, complex flavor, with notes of caramel and nuts, and a hint of dark fruits and malty magic,” she observed of the Big Sticke. Combined, it made for a deliciously nuanced spread.

Anarchy in a Jar’s beer jelly with Mad Scientists #3 has all sold out, having been a hit at Smorgasburg and local shops. However, we’ve loaded her up with our new Hibiscus Wit, the just-released addition to the series, Mad Scientists #4. Look out for it at wherever the jams are sold!