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Make the Ultimate Summer Cooler in 4 Steps


You’ve probably thrown together a few coolers in your time, and we can bet that no one got hurt and it ended up being a good time. So you might think that throwing together the perfect beer cooler is easy. Well, think again!!!

Leave it to the Mad Scientists at Sixpoint to maniacally set out to put together the perfect cooler…

Step 1: Beer

Start with the beer. Some people (novices!!) might throw the ice in first. Then you’ve just got a bunch of ice keeping the bottom of the cooler cold. Not helpful!

Step 2: Ice

Ice goes in second, like milk in your cereal.


Jammer and Crisp… round here we call them the boys of summer

Step 3: Cold Water (stick with us here…)

“Wait but won’t the water melt the ice and make the whole thing warmer?”
No! No you fool! This step is all about contact area and conduction. Ice will make contact with your beers at various points, but water envelops the whole can or bottle. So the key is to make the water as cold as possible, but stay liquid. And that’s where step 4 comes in…


Fish? That’s just more flavor.

Step 4: Salt

4) Add salt. The salt will lower the freezing point of your water, giving you a water bath below 32 degrees… the ultimate #ManiacalCooler.

Got tips? Think you have the best cooler? Share it with us with #ManiacalCooler!

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