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PBW Wrap Up

Philly BeerWeek = 10 days, 13 events, 63 kegs, Countless nanokegs & 1 tired rep!

What can I say about PBW2012? The “week” gone by has left an indelible mark on me, a sense of accomplishment matched by inspiration to kick even more ass in the coming 51 weeks. Take a few minutes to check out the Tumblr page which I built over the run, many pics of friends/family/fun. I hope you have fun looking back, and equally look forward to more Sixpoint-related madness in “America’s Best Beer Drinking City”.


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  • Democratic Debate Party
    6:00pm October 13, 2015
    | map
    5 Candidates. 4 Beers.
    Democratic Debate Party

    The Upstart (Sensi Wet-Hopped Ale)
    The Fast Riser (Resin DIPA)
    The Populist (Crisp Pilz)
    The Incumbent (Sweet Action Ale)

    A buck off all Sixpoint beers. 

    Dram Shop 339 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sixpoint at Bar 9!
    5:00pm October 15, 2015
    | map
    Details to come!
    Bar IX, 317 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796, United States