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Diesel Stout Back in Small-Batches

Diesel is one of the original Sixpoint recipes, a black-as-night stout with piney bursts of American hop character battling through roast and malt. We’ve revived this brew in time for winter, draft-only for now. Read the whole Diesel story here.


“It’s dank, full of old-school, thick and piney American hops and has a tasty counterpoint of serious roasted character. The aroma combination is intoxicating, the malty finish goes on and on.  And that balance keeps me coming back, glass after glass.
Bottom line: The DIESEL lives on.
-Mikey Lenane, Cicerone and Writer at Sixpoint 

We’re kicking it off with a banger at Fool’s Gold in the Lower East Side. Introducing the DIESELCOPIA.


Here’s to stuffing copious Diesel into the Cornucopia:

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