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Tesla Hop-Charged Lager


Nikola Tesla was easily one of the greatest scientists to ever live. At Sixpoint, he’s been an inspiration for years. To imagine wholly new creations in your mind, things far beyond your time, and then set about creating them… that’s what Mad Science is all about. Think we’re just some fanboys exaggerating about Tesla?

Check out some of his game-changing inventions:

1) Radar
2) Solar Power
3) Global Wireless Communication (The idea for SmartPhone technology… in 1901!)
4) Alternating Current Electricity (the kind powering your house right now)
5) Hydroelectric power**


And the list goes on (we haven’t even mentioned the 130 ft lightning bolts he shot from a tower in Colorado…) Basically he’s that dude in the scientific community. Being so far ahead of his time made him appear insane to some, and eventually led to him duking it out with Tommy Edison. But that’s not the point. Tesla’s style, forethought, ingenuity, and daring are all things we aspire to as the Mad Scientists of Sixpoint. So in 2014 we made a beer in his honor, draft-only. We’ve continued to experiment with the recipe ever since, and now that it’s fully dialed in, we’re releasing Tesla in full, on draft AND in cans for the first time.

We harnessed the the power of the sun, channeled tons of hop energy and sent this beer surging around the globe. Think the juicyness of big doses of American Hops, with that clean snappiness of a cold fermented, meticulously lagered beer. What’s that have to do with Tesla’s shocking experiments? When there’s serious creativity flowing, everyone can feel it. Now that’s Mad Science.

This beer is super limited. Find it near you on the Sixpoint app or check out our events page.



**Read more about Tesla’s inventions**

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