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Mad Scientists Series #6: “MS #5.8″

As our next Mad Scientists creation came about during the hop harvest season, we couldn’t resist spicing it up with the essence of beer, straight from the vines. Hops, just harvested from Upstate New York by members of the Sixpoint team, is the featured ingredient in Mad Scientists 6 — or, as we like to call it, Mad Scientists 5.8, because an earthquake of that caliber on the Richter scale struck the East Coast right as we were picking the hops!

Fortunately, it only caused a lot of confusion along the coast, as the earth’s plates could be felt rumbling from beneath. And we went home with a cache of fresh Willamette and Mt. Hood hops to make this beer in Red Hook with.

brewers turned hop-harvesters taste their creation

Mad Scientists 6 is an American-style strong ale, with an ABV of 7%. IBU is 58, and it’s a rich, autumn bronze color with a creamy head. Both wet-hopped and dry-hopped with local hops from New York Hop Farm, it has a fresh, herbal nose and dry taste that finishes clean, with a hint of fruit. Find it in bars starting this week, along with cans of our other seasonal wet-hopped specialty, Autumnation.

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