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Mad Scientists Series #7: Cran-Porter

The official day for making cranberry sauce may be this Thursday, but in Red Hook we’ve cooked up a big batch of the tart red berries for our next Mad Scientists Series creation, a cranberry porter.

The perfect “sauce” for a holiday gathering soon to come, this beer won’t be as fruity and sweet as you might suspect. Using fresh, whole cranberries that we’ve cooked down with just a splash of water, the cranberries will lend a subtle brightness and rosy color to this unsuspecting porter-style ale.

For it we finagled 200 pounds of fresh cranberries from a friendly bog in Massachusetts, right at the heart of its harvest season. (Like hops, cranberries have only one harvest per year.) So sour, they’re usually heavily sweetened or combined with other fruits for consumption, but we’ve kept them in their natural state to add both tartness and bitterness to the final beer. No added sugar, and all the Vitamin C.

cranberries are cooked to a thick sludge before adding to the tank

The rest of the recipe for this porter includes English roasted, black and crystal malts and some Columbus and Centennial hops. Only after the beer had fully fermented, the smashed cranberry elixir was poured in. Because it’s not finished yet, we can’t tell how cran-tastic it will taste or look just yet, but that’s always the fun part in any Mad Scientists experiment. Wait and see for yourself in bars soon!

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