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Jammer Gose Stories II: Tasty Waves

The River Gose is a small, salty river tucked away in Lower Saxony, Germany. Maybe not exactly the sort of scene you might think would change beer history forever.

For Sixpoint Jammer, we chose to introduce the salt in our gose from another water source – the crashing waters of the Pacific Ocean.SIXPOINT-JAMMER-TASTY-WAVES

Back in Germany, brewers in the area pulled water from the river for their beer, and, before long, realized that using the salinated water added a new dimension to the beer. Salt enhances flavor, upping the savory, satisfying quality of the brew – a properly balanced, light salty note invites the next sip. Even if it doesn’t seem like a natural combo in beer, tartness and salt bounce off each other in delicious ways… just think about a splash of lime on a taco, or lemon and hot sauce on a freshly shucked oyster. But more on that later…

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Sea Salt Illustration

Sea Salt crystal formations, right out of the Jacobsen evaporation process

From that secluded salty river, the Sixpoint Gose story takes us halfway across the globe, to an alcove off the coast of Oregon and Jacobsen Salt Co. The salt in JAMMER comes from another naturally salinated body of water, Netarts Bay. Netarts is named for a native word for “oyster,” and the oyster-filled bay is quite literally filtered – a single oyster filters 20 gallons of water each day, and Netarts Bay is populated by millions of the bivalves.  The water is also refreshed daily by tidal movements. So this is about as pure and clear a saltwater supply as you can imagine. A worthy successor to the River Gose.

Look at those crystals melting away! In case you missed it, check out Gose Stories Part I.

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