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#CraftRitual Photo Contest

We’re hosting a #CraftRitual photo contest… enter for a chance to win some hand-crafted prizes like a specialty growler and limited run Coffee → Beer “Waking Hours” t-shirts.

What’s a #CraftRitual?

The Ritual is what gets you going in the morning and what relaxes you in the evening – the hot brew that starts it off and the cool brew that chills you out. C.R.E.A.M. bridges the gap… a blonde brew with a roasty coffee aroma, distinct nutty malt character, and a smooth, creamy latte finish. The balance of both rituals.


So show us your ritual: whether it’s your coffee in the morning, your evening beer or a nightcap, what are the elements that bring it all together? Maybe it’s grinding the beans, or the perfect pour, or the right chair, or the right people. There are no wrong answers – Craft Rules Everything Around YOU… show us your #CraftRitual.


How do you enter?

To enter, document your #CraftRitual, via Untappd check-in (where we have an official photo contest), or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and include the hashtag #CraftRitual. A photo, photo series or video all qualify, and make sure to add details and descriptions! Whip up your own Mad Science… bonus #points for originality, creativity, and craftiness.

Contest runs from 2/19 – 3/18 on all platforms. Must be 21+ to enter, prizes awarded in U.S. only. 

Stay tuned here for a gallery of some of our early favorites!

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