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Spice of Life: Nugget


JustLookAtThoseNUGSA true hop lover’s hop, Nugget provides ample bitterness to classic American styles. Pale Ales and IPAs get their familiar bite, and stouts and barleywines can balance considerable sweetness against Nugget’s bittering. A lot of imperial styles will also use it for its potency. Our Spice of Life brew leads with hop character backed by a clean malt bill. More »

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Spice of Life: Motueka


Our Spice of Life IPA pours a smooth caramel gold with a soft foam cap. The pretty pour, balance and easy-drinking nature never changes. The only thing that does is the single hop-strain used. More »

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Spice of Life: Ahtanum


Slice_AhtanumThis month’s Spice of Life is an American bred hop from Yakima Valley, Washington, where 75% of American hops are grown. We recently visited the valley while preparing to ship wet hops overnight for Autumnation. The strain is named for the Ahtanum area near Yakima, where the first hop farm in Washington state was established.

More »

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Spice of Life: Nelson Sauvin


This month’s Spice of Life is an exciting and unique hop, Nelson Sauvin, from New Zealand. While many brewers are abuzz about the American hop harvest, and crafting wet hop ales (like Autumnation, only a couple weeks away!), we’re also exploring hops from down under and their unique terroir. More »

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Spice of Life: Simcoe


Spice of LIfe : Simcoe The Spice of Life series is coming back around with another great brew, made with a hop that’s become a darling of American craft brewing: Simcoe. More »

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Spice of Life: Glacier

Spice of Life

Hops, whether vibrant or dank, grassy or tropical, clean or bold, are the great brewer’s spice. They hail from all corners of the world, enlivening man’s most prized beverage – wherever Beer is Culture, hops are surely the Spice of Life. More »

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SOL Series Spotlight – Wakatu


In this realm we call earth, there is a breathtaking country off the SE coast of Australia – known to some as Aotearoa, most of us know it by the name New Zealand. Though there may not be Hobbits as some have come to expect, we have instead located the next hop for our Spice of Life series – Wakatu. More »

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