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Son of Resin: Home-Brood


Dan Reeve is a professionally trained graphic artist, cigar writer, beer aficionado and home brewer from Columbus, Ohio. After becoming enamored with Resin, Dan created a clone of the brew. We struck up a conversation on twitter, sent Dan some goodies, and he sent a bottle our way. It was the sincerest form of flattery, and the beer was sincerely tasty. More »

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Open Mic: Stan Hieronymus

Stan Hieronymus
Stan Hieronymus

Author & Blogger Stan Hieronymus at the 2013 Hop Harvest

So what if the history of “fresh hop” beers might be 1,200 years old or only 20? So what if the science behind what makes the aroma and flavors of “fresh hop” beers different is not at all clear? So what if we have to put the term “fresh hop” in quotation marks because it’s not exactly clear what that means? More »

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Why We Love Small Batches

Why We Love Small Batches

We have nothing against pints… usually. But sixteen ounces can be a lot of beer in certain situations (don’t get us started on the boot, which is larger than Erica’s head and heavier than a newborn). We just happen to like things on the smaller side. That’s why when we started teaching people how to make beer, we did it on the one gallon scale instead of the ubiquitous five gallon setup. More »

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A Friend to Fromage and Beer


Whenever I sample a new cheese, I end up asking myself what would best serve as an ideal accompanying beverage.  While for most newly-inaugurated Cheese-heads out there, wine seems the obvious choice, there’s a lot to say for pairing cheese instead with beer.  I linked up with Sixpoint to answer the question – which craft cheeses play nice with the many flavors of Sixpoint?  Please  indulge me while I get a little “cheesy” here:

What if you were to imagine a backstory for your favorite beer just like the way you create stories about strangers on the street?  Who would that beer be and what sort of life would it have?  Who would its best cheese chum be and where would you want it to live? More »

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Treat Your Growler Right!


Perhaps you’ve seen it at your local bar: a brown-tinted jug being filled by the bartender straight from the draught lines. Maybe you’ve given the system a try to take home a few pints of your favorite beer as well. Growler programs — in bars and craft beer stores — are growing at an alarming rate. But if you choose to partake in them, there are a few things to know and understand.
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There’s More to Beer than Beer

The Alstrom Brothers

“There’s more to beer than beer.” That was our slogan for our first-ever beer fest—the Art of Beer Festival—that we hosted in Boston, way back in 2003. We dropped it on the back of all of the fest tees, too. A concept born from several beers at one of our late-night “business meetings,” we thought we were being clever, but many struggled with its meaning. More »

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Local Kid Pontificates, Complains About Stuff

Mike Tumbarello

I have to say, the best part of the whole craft beer revolution (and believe me folks, this is indeed a revolution) is the way that Beer just snuck in through the window last night and murdered Wine in cold blood. Killed him right there in his fancy bed, ruined his silk pajamas. ‘Cause for real, wine sucks. More »

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  • Pacific Standard's 7th Birthday Party
    On Wednesday the 24th starting at 7 pm, we'll celebrate Pacific Standard's (belated) 7th birthday and as usual it'll be epic. We'll have a bunch of rare/new/generally excellent Sixpoint beers. Also, with each Sixpoint beer purchased, you'll get a raffle ticket which will put you in a drawing for amazing prizes. Here are the details, beers first: --4Beasts (the 2014 Beer for Beasts beer!): A brand-new, beastly porter brewed with 12 gallons of maple syrup in honor of our furry companions. --Sensi Harvest: A brand-new beer! Juicy wet hops carefully selected by the Mad Scientists make SENSI HARVEST a unique delicacy available only at harvest time. --Old Redhooker: Rare! An American barleywine made only from high-gravity first runnings. 9.6% ABV. --Crisp: For those who'd like something lighter. What do you get when you fuse old world craftsmanship with new, clean, & bold flavors from right raw materials? The Crisp. It's Mad Science. --Otis Stout (nitro): Sixpoint's classic smooth, creamy oatmeal stout with a light sweetness and dry finish. Full roasted flavor without a touch of harshness, made available specially for us on nitrogen pour. The raffle prizes will include: --Grand Prize: A private tour of the Sixpoint brewery for up to 8 people! --Ten second prizes: Sixpoint and Pacific Standard merchandise, including t-shirts, gift certificates, pint glasses, beer cozies, and whatever else we dig up from our cellars. In addition, brewery reps will be on hand and we'll have our usual happy hour prices until 8 pm, so come early to get the best deals and the specialest beers before they run out!
    Pacific Standard, 82 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Tenth Annual Atlantic Antic Pub Crawl!
    12:00pm September 28, 2014
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    This will be our 10th year hosting the "Sixpoint Atlantic Antic Pub Crawl" featuring the Atlantic Antic Amber, which only be available for one day - Sunday, September 28th - at all 8 bars pouring a huge variety of our beers. Everything else you need to know, including what beer is being poured where, is below. Floyd, 131 Atlantic Avenue (between Clinton and Henry Streets) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Sweet Action Red Gravy, 151, Atlantic Avenue (between Henry & Clinton) Beers Served: Atlantic Amber and Sensi Harvest Food Served: Brooklyn Bangers and Meatballs and gravy Waterfront Ale House, 155 Atlantic Avenue (between Henry & Clinton) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Crisp Pilz Food special: Righteous-braised brisket sandwich Entertainment: Big Ed Sullivan, Popa Chubby, Black Coffee Blues Band Brazen Head, 228 Atlantic Avenue (between Court Street and Boerum Place) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Bengali Tiger Entertainment: The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band Burger 282, 282 Atlantic Avenue (between Boerum Place and Smith Street) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Sensi Harvest Hollow Nickel, 494 Atlantic Avenue (between Nevins Street and Third Avenue) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber and Bengali Tiger Food special: $5 Cheeseburgers Hank's Saloon, Corner of Atlantic Avenue and Third Avenue Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Crisp Pilz, Sweet Action Ale Live music all day, including Le Sans Culottes, The Get It!, Who Knew Crew St. Gambrinus, 533 Atlantic Avenue (between Third and Fourth Avenues) Beers served: Atlantic Antic Amber, Bengali IPA, Gorilla Warfare, Resin and more!
    Atlantic Avenue between 4th Avenue and Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY