To see the hop cone up close, we zoomed in microscopic, and found a hi-res view. In Hi-Resolution, the hop optic was magnified; our perception, fully amplified. It’s microscopic. It’s telescopic. It’s off-topic. It’s Mad Science.

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Let’s talk optics. The study of light, and the eyeball… aka the prism that sends images blasting through your dome like a movie projector. As technology advances, resolution increases, so we can see the bigger picture AND the finer details. We’re increasing the view -- in BOTH directions… Magnify the hop factor, amplify perception. Study the hop cone up close… this shiz is Hi-Resolution. We went microscopic; we got a grander view. Crack a HI-RES and widen your scope, both directions.
With massive amounts of late-addition, new-age hops, HI-RES magnifies juicy hop character to the limits of human perception, testing your palate’s ability to comprehend the tiny particles in hops, and the insane flavors they produce. Last brewed January 2017.