We all have a beast within.

Think of early human civilizations… tribes gathered around campfires, hair ragged, eyes ablaze. Strange brews slosh in crude wooden cups and run down their beards as they drink deep. Their half-wild dogs roam beside them. Unleash it. Re-live it. BEAST MODE.

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
BEAST MODE comes in many forms. It’s about the thrill of inspiration, about Mad Science in action, it’s about loving your beast, and channeling the BEAST within. The beer incarnation is an unconditional porter born from the fierce compassion for animals that’s forever intertwined with Beer Culture.
Beast Mode pours chocolate lab with ruby highlights, and the nose is downright beastly — coffee, roast, hops, caramel. The texture is medium bodied with roasted bitterness upfront on the tongue, followed by sweet toffee and malt on the tail end. The beer finishes dry without any lingering bitterness. Lots of bark but it won't bite — just a howler and growler.

Last brewed January 2015.