- Maximum File Size: 50MB

- Name the file: "bic_firstname_lastname_title"

- Minimum 300dpi

- Vector art preferred (PDF, AI, EPS)

- Other acceptable formats (JPG, GIF, PNG)

- Please review all the information on this page.

- By submitting, you agree to the terms stated below.

Submission Box Closed - Final Voting Started! Visit our art gallery to cast your vote!

How it Works

Beer is Culture, and we love creativity in all media. We invite you to create an original design or illustration that successfully taps into this theme, "Beer is Culture". Starting April 1st, you can visit this page and submit your design via our drop box. We will then upload it to our Facebook page. Once it's posted, tell your friends and family to "Like" your image, or simply click "Like" on your favorite among the designs of others. All of the submissions will be available for voting in a separate album. The submission with the most "likes" will be the winner of the exhibition.

Renderings of past winners on coasters.

The Winners

The top six finalists will receive a special care package from the brewery, including customized apparel and treats from Sixpoint and other local artisans. The six finalists will also receive an annual membership to a local art museum of their choice.

The top three finalist will receive coasters featuring their artwork which can be used to prevent "culture" rings on tables. These coasters will also be distributed to bars where Sixpoint is sold!

The first place finisher's artwork will become the profile pic for Sixpoint's Facebook page for the following year, and they will also receive a featured interview on the Sixpoint website.

Past Galleries

2010 Gallery
2011 Gallery
2012 Gallery

Visit past galleries to see previous winners and other submissions to get inspiration for your own rad design!

About Beer is Culture

We believe Beer is Culture. Is this a bold statement? Perhaps, but let us illustrate a historical connection. Before human civilizations... before cities... we were merely cave people and hunter-gatherers. No one was certain of where the next meal was; life was hard.

Then, roughly 10,000 years ago an amazing innovation occurred: agriculture. The earliest civilizations cultivated cereal grains and made crude fermented beverages. A constant food supply was cleverly maintained. Occupations became specialized, and culture sprang forth like a fountainhead. This was the dawn of civilization -- the proliferation of architecture, artisans, culinary arts, theater, and a million extensions of creativity. This was the dawn of culture!

How to Submit

  • Visit this page.
  • Starting April 1st, look for the submission box on the top of this page.
  • Along with your file, please provide your contact info in the form provided.
  • Must be a digital creation (digital art, photo of art, scan etc). Please do not send us any physical works!
  • Please review the terms and conditions found on the bottom of this page. (By submitting you have read and agreed to the terms.)
  • Recommended square dimensions.
  • We will tell you once we have put it on our Facebook page.
  • Tell your friends and family to visit our Facebook Page and "Like" your artwork!
  • Submission box closes April 30, 2013
  • Media Kit (includes logos and examples of proper use)
  • Questions? Email: beerisculture2013@sixpoint.com
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