How did you get the name "Sixpoint"? What is "Six Points"?

The story of our name and logo can be found here.


Where can I find Sixpoint beer?

The best way to locate our beer is via our Sixpoint App or the Online Beer Finder utility, aka the "Sixpointer". The availability listings appear via our distribution & delivery network, and may not be 100% up to date, so it's always a good idea to call the bar, restaurant or shop to confirm what's available. If you're interested in where other folks are enjoying Sixpoint currently, you can visit social beer sites such as BeerMenus, Beercloud and Untappd for up-to-the-minute Sixpoint check-ins.

I looked on your Beer Finder but there is no Sixpoint available where I live. What can I do?

We have created a form that allows you to suggest locations, shops and bars where you would like to see Sixpoint available. While we can't promise that the beer will become available immediately, we pay close attention to this helpful information from our fans.

I can't get Sixpoint beer. When are you going to start distributing in my state?

Our goal is to service our existing distribution territories and customers first, then at our discretion, potentially branch out once the current needs have been fulfilled.


Can I order Sixpoint beer online?

It is illegal for an American brewery to ship direct to its customers, so you cannot buy direct from us. However, certain online beer retailers may be able to fulfill your requests. Try doing a google search.

Can I buy Sixpoint t-shirts, glassware, stickers, or other merchandise?

Please surf on over to our Merch Cellar, where you can find a selection of Sixpoint-approved apparel, glassware, and other items. We continue to develop new items, so be sure to check back periodically.

I have a question about my Merch Cellar order - how can I get some answers?

You can email us directly at merch@sixpoint.com for any questions related to our Merch Cellar. Your feedback is always welcome.


Is Sixpoint beer certified kosher?

Although our beer is made in accordance with kosher principles, we have not paid for certification by a Rabbi.

Is Sixpoint beer vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, unless indicated otherwise.

What's up with the Klankenstein beer? Where can I get it?

Sixpoint Brewery is a highly experimental and innovative brewery that often produces a series of "one-off" beers that are not produced regularly. If you do not see a beer listed on one of our CORE, SEASONAL, or LIMITED DRAFT pages, it has limited availability, or may have only been brewed once. Bottom line: follow us, and enjoy rare beers while you can, because you may never see them again.

Does Sixpoint have any surprising beers about to be released?

Well if we told you about it, then it would no longer be a surprise, would it?


Why does Sixpoint place most of its beer in cans?

There are many reasons for this, but the core reason why is cans, we believe, are a superior packaging vessel for beer.

How could cans possibly be a superior packaging vessel? Doesn't canned beer suck?

Think about what you just said. Just because most of the canned beers you have tried sucked does not mean the can is responsible for the beer sucking. It was probably because the liquid that was placed into the can sucked to begin with. Get it?

Canned beer tastes like metal. Why would Sixpoint want its beer to taste like that?

Are you drinking directly from the can? If so, you are placing your lips directly on the aluminum. That is why it tastes like metal. Now pour it into a glass and enjoy the non-metallic taste.

What do cans offer that bottles don't?

To start, light cannot penetrate cans, and since beer (especially hoppy beer like IPA) is photosensitive, cans completely shield the beer from light degradation. Cans also weigh less than 1/6th of the weight of a bottle, so they are less energy-intensive to transport. Also - drop a can and notice it doesn't shatter. We could go on and on, but we'll let you take it from here and do your own research.

Your packaging is confusing. It does not tell me what style of beer it is. I'm never going to buy Sixpoint again.

We happily don't brew according to style guidelines, so they don't apply. Read more about that here.

Second, we are currently the only brewery that places ABV, IBU, and SRM for all of our beers directly on the front of its cans. This will tell you the strength of the beer, the intensity of the bitterness, and the color of the beer. We also indicate whether or not it is an ale or a lager, and even tell you if there are any exotic ingredients added beyond the traditional barley, hops, water and yeast. Taking all of this into account, we believe you are provided more than enough information to make an intelligent purchasing decision at the point of sale.


Does Sixpoint host brewery tours?

Tours at Sixpoint are currently on hiatus while we renovate our facility. However, tours will resume eventually. Join our email list if you would like updates as to when tours will resume.

I emailed Sixpoint and I did not hear back right away. What gives? Don't you care about your customers?

We receive, on average, over 1000 correspondences per day and also manage various feeds that engage our customers directly. We are happy to say we have responded to nearly every email since our inception, and usually rather promptly. However, as a growing small business, we frequently are overwhelmed with emails, so please be patient while we get back to you.

I keep looking for the Sixpoint phone number but can't find it. Why don't you list it?

There is no Sixpoint phone number. When we did have one, 95%+ of our calls were telemarketers, business solicitations, and people who wanted free stuff. This incessant distraction was not a productive use of our time. However, you can email us and we will get back to you if it merits a response.

Is Sixpoint hiring at this time?

Perhaps. If you'd like to send us your resume, email us at livelihood@sixpoint.com and we'll keep your resume on file.

I am an aspiring brewer and I really want to work at Sixpoint. How can I make this happen?

Do you homebrew? If the answer is "no" then start homebrewing and we'll talk afterwards. If the answer is "yes" then please stop by the brewery during regular business hours with some homebrew and we'll sample your work. Label your beer and include your name, contact information and any relevant information about the beer. It won't get you a job on the spot, but it's the best way to get your foot in the door.

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